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tv   [untitled]    March 12, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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inviting all of you, particularly speaking to the women here who do have experience and knowledge and foresight to advise me and advise my administration of how we can do better in all aspects. nationally, locally, and internationally to keep advocating strongly how we can protect and nurture and how we can make sure that our society is of equalness. that is why i said at the beginning that the flashbacks of being at the dpw and human rights commission, recalling the advocates the came to meet with me and said how important it it is for a city to sign on to united nations convention to eliminate all forms of discrimination -- [cheers and applause] that is still important. and then a decade later, to realize we're still one of the only cities to have done that. how can we still be alone in
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this effort? realizing we have got a lot more work to do. and to say to you that if you do not continue advocating, if we do not have opportunities for you to speak out enough for us to listen and to absorb and to integrate into our policies, then you are god have voices of their that suggest -- then you're going to have voices out there that suggest that the issues you bring out are private matters. that cannot be accepted in a city like san fran. -- like san francisco. [applause] i join recognizing international women's day. i personally thank you for this award and recognition. but i also want to make sure you're challenged and you are invited and you are encouraged to advocate with them and to
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this administration, because we will listen and we will act on it those things to make sure that we're more of an equal society and that we can provide perhaps leadership to other areas of the country that have yet to catch up. thank you very much. [applause] >> we are going to make a presentation that all the honorees are going to get today. it is from an incredible artists, wanda whitacre, who was over in the corner. she has done a series of portraits murals of each of our honorees, and it is are a gift to you for all that you have done. >> wow. >> so we present to you the ed lee mural. [applause]
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>> well, thank you, ms. what occurred -- whitacre. i read your bio, so i understand you have other skills i might need like hypno-
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